Choose the right paint for your home with these three methods

Talking about home, of course, you can’t let go of the paint in the house. Paint serves to turn on the home atmosphere and you can choose it according to your own taste. There are various paint colors to choose from and you can choose those that suit your characteristics. However, you also have to pay attention to the painting process. You can use the services of the painter so that the results you get can be maximum.

Paint is indeed an important ingredient in a house. In addition to beautifying the look, paint also has a function to protect the wall. On the other hand, paint is a solid material that is melted with a mixture of certain chemicals that can interfere with health. In order for a house to look beautiful and a healthy occupant, there are several things that must be observed in choosing paint:

1. Environmentally friendly and safe
Occupational health is the main thing. For that, choose environmentally friendly wall paint. Paint that is safe for health does not contain chemicals of lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg).
In addition, choose also lead-free paint, low volatile organic compound (VOC). Environmentally friendly paint also does not emit a stinging odor.

2. Differentiate Exterior and Interior
Choose paint according to the location of the application. For painting the outer space, choose a paint that is resistant to sun exposure, rain, and temperature changes. The goal is that the paint does not experience damage such as cracks and the color does not fade easily. Some manufacturers refer to exterior paint as weatherproof, weathers, weather coat, and easy shield.
For interior paint, some of the criteria that you must pay attention to are easy maintenance and long-lasting colors. Thus, repainting every year can be minimized.

3. Antifungal layer
If your house is frequently flooded, choose a paint that contains an antifungal coating – both exterior and interior walls. Post-wet conditions make the fungus reproduce quickly, one of them on the wall of the house. If not handled quickly, the fungus can remove spores that can damage the layer of wall paint.