Everything About Cleaning the Rugs

Do you know how to clean the rugs and rugs that are sensitive? Extra care is needed when cleaning sensitive rugs and fur rugs. Be careful when choosing cleaners and be careful when handling them. In addition, this process can take more time. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, leave it to the service of washing rugs and professional fur rugs. Nowadays, the service like Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches becomes the choice, by which you don’t need to spend extra energy and time for rug clean job.


To do daily maintenance, shake the rug and fur rug outside the house to drop the dirt. Place a thin piece of stretchy fabric, such as a light cotton pillowcase and filter cloth, on the rug. Suck out the dust on the fabric-coated rug. Dust will be sucked through the cracks of fabric fibers without damaging the rugs of the carpet.

To remove stains that are clearly visible, use as much as possible homemade cleaners by using ingredients at home. A mixture of detergent, vinegar, and warm water is a suitable choice for cleaning sensitive rugs and fur rugs. Whereas to deal with unpleasant odors, especially pet odors and the smell of cigarettes, sprinkle rugs and fur carpets with baby powder. Let stand overnight so that the powder absorbs the odor, then suck the remnants of powder using a vacuum cleaner.

How often do I need to clean the rug? It’s best to clean your rug once a week, especially for tapestries that are often used or if you have pets at home. Clean using a vacuum cleaner one or two times a week if you rarely use it. As soon as possible clean the stained area with water immediately when the stain has just appeared. Any stains will be easier to clean when they are new compared to stains that are dry and tightly attached to fur carpet and rug fibers. Cleaning services or washing carpet fur and rugs you can use to clean it thoroughly every 6 months.

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