5 Smart ideas for storing your items at home

How to store items is a problem in every home, but when you don’t want to spend every room in the house by presenting a large wardrobe, you have to think a little creatively to find a solution to storing things. Whether your home is big or small, we are sure you will like to see the smart ideas that we have gathered from designer professionals how they provide additional space and function to store your collection items at home. On the other hand, you might also need the best child proof cabinet locks, so you can store your items that may harm your child safely.

This is their smart idea.

1. Add magnetic stripes in your bathroom cabinet

Often in the bathroom, there are hairpins, pins or brooches that we believe you also often lose your tweezers there.

Kenepa does not use a simple solution by adding a magnetic strip to store the trinkets. That way they will never disappear.

2. Add baskets in the bathroom cabinet

If you have a bathroom with a built-in closet, you are very lucky. However, to provide neater storage space, try placing a small basket in one of your cabinets.

You can save your hair dryer, straightener and all the knick-knacks that you normally use there so that some shelf space looks neat.

3. Hang kitchen utensils

Instead of storing large pots and pans that take up space in the cupboard, just attach a hanger to them.

In addition, you can display your beautiful and unique pot collection as well as decoration. Beautiful isn’t it? It’s easy to pick it up again.

4. Add a storage box in the refrigerator

Family refrigerators can be a messy place, but if you use a separate storage box for each food item, it will make the refrigerator neater and cleaner.

5. Add hanging rails to your laundry area

Washing places (laundry) are often the messiest places, but you can reduce them by adding hanging rails on them.

You can immediately hang t-shirts that have been washed without having to iron or hang children’s sports clothes that are often tucked when needed.