Facts about Occult and Magic

“In Africa, there is no point in asking if there are shamans,” said the book African Traditional Religion, and added that “for various groups in Africa, shamans are very important” From the uneducated to the highly educated, even among the clerics and clergy, there are also those who believe in magic, magic, and shamanism. For many people, there is indeed a mystical or magical power. Allah is the one who controls all that. Spiritual beings and ancestors can use it. And, some people know how to get and use it, for good purposes (white science) or evil intentions (black magic). Black magic, or black magic, is used to attack the enemy. That said, those who have this power are able to send bats, birds, flies, and other animals to attack people. Many people believe that black magic makes people fight, barren, sick, and even die. For this reason, you are advised to do a lot of consultation if there are signs of magic in your body because we have the skill in the process of removing black magic!

Black magic is closely related to shamans. According to the story, shamans can leave their bodies and fly, to meet other shamans or look for victims. This is actually just a story of people who have been shamans because the shaman’s body is still in bed. Here is the confession of former shamans (mostly teenage girls) quoted by an African magazine, “I killed 150 people through a motorbike accident.” “I killed five children by sucking their blood.” “I killed three of my girlfriends because they decided on me.” While science is said to protect people from evil things. Those who use white science wear a “magic” ring or bracelet. They drink or smear the body with potions. They keep sacred objects at home or plant them on the ground as protection. There are also those who rely on amulets containing verses from the Quran or the Bible.

Indeed, Satan and his ghosts are enemies that are dangerous to humans. They are able to influence the minds and lives of people, and in the past, they could possess humans and animals. (Matthew 12: 43-45) We must not underestimate their strength, but we must not exaggerate it. One lie that Satan spreads is: There is no accident. This must be done by someone, directly or through occult power. For example, let’s say a child dies of malaria. His mother might know that this disease is caused by mosquitoes. But, maybe he also believes that someone uses a shaman to send the mosquito. The second lie spread by Satan: Shamans leave their bodies at night and meet other shamans or suck blood or eat their victims. Now, try to think, ‘If a shaman can do it, what comes out of his body?’ We know that the soul is the person himself, not something that can come out of someone. In addition, the spirit is the life force that cannot do anything without the body.