Excellent destinations to visit in Mecca

There are other mosques that can be considered to be visited in Mecca, namely the mosque which was used by the Prophet Muhammad as a place to pray. With the location in the city of Medina, this mosque is an important object to be traced, especially coupled with the fact that there is an important history where there is an event experienced by the Prophet Muhammad with his friends while doing the midday prayer in congregation. Meanwhile, perhaps you should check out the best arabic grammar book, so you can speak Arabic easier when you visit Saudi Arabia.

The incident referred to here is the event of the revelation of the Prophet Muhammad from Allah which is contained in one of the letters in which the direction of qibla is commanded by Allah to be changed; it was changed from the Aqsa Mosque in Palestine to the Ka’bah which we all knew was in Mecca, precisely at the Grand Mosque. After the incident, the name of the mosque which was renovated has become Qiblatain which has two Qiblah meanings.

Albatoul Marine

This tourist attraction must be tried, especially for those who like to tour water activities because the water blob is the most entertaining while at Albatoul Marine.

The workings of the device are indeed similar to rockets, except that they emit a lot of water and the pressure is very high. At the same time, visitors can enjoy various sights around Albatoul Marine and are guaranteed to captivate.

King Fahd’s Fountain

Another sight that will sedate tourists in Saudi Arabia is the King Fahd’s Fountain in the city of Jeddah. Being the highest fountain in the world, jet-driven water has a height of up to 853 meters. This is one of the attractive objects that can be enjoyed after visiting important buildings in Arabia.

The thing that makes this object so superior is the fact that the water used is sea salt instead of freshwater and this is for conservation purposes. At night, the illumination as if the angel down to earth could be witnessed by the visitors so that it was truly charming and made the mood feel calmer.