This is the Importance of Goodwill in the Case of Child Custody

When you have to deal with a divorce case, one of the things you cannot miss is about child custody. Child custody is indeed a problem for divorced parties. So, no wonder if they usually use the services of an private detective Rock Hill SC to get evidence to get custody of their child.
They will help you win the case.

Besides that, you must also fulfill the requirements to win child custody. One of the conditions is that you must have good will to win the case and take care of your child. the good faith of the party concerned. This good faith concerns various things. This examination is carried out based on the facts at the court table. For example, one party has committed adultery, drunkenness, drug parties, and so on. This can be used as a benchmark for the lack of good faith to be a single parent.
In addition, good faith must also be related to the lack of effort to prevent other parties who want to meet with children.